10 tips for buying best men and women sneakers sports shoes

Starting a new fitness regime that involves running or training hard for your first marathon, the most important thing you should consider first is your sneakers sports shoes. While you may not think it important but choosing the right shoes for running that fits perfectly on your feet will save you from many injuries and stress-related fractures. Choosing the right shoes can be a daunting task as there are hundreds of brands with countless verities available out there in the market to choose from. So how do you decide which running shoes are perfect for you? Well here are few tips so that when you head towards the store you will be equipped with all the information you need to choose the right pair of shoes that will fit perfectly on your feet.

Tips for buying the best running shoes

1)    Always heads for the specialty running stores as they employ well trained and experienced staffs. The sales person their will better understand your requirement by asking you the relevant questions and by determining your running style.

2)    If possible bring your old pair of running shoes to the store so that they can have a look at the wear pattern which will help them determine which shoes will be a better fit for you.

3)    Once you have narrowed down to few options depending on your running style or your foot’s shape try them all. Feel them how they fit on your feet.

4)    Test them by running some distance. Most of the specialty stores are equipped with a treadmill where the buyer can try out their shoes. Just wearing shoes and running in them are a totally different experience.

5)    Make no rush while buying the running shoes as the wrong shoes may not only cause you injuries or stress fracture it will also affect your rate of progress in your fitness regime or how much benefit you derive from your training. So make sure you have plenty of time when you are purchasing your running shoes.

6)    Feet are slightly larger in size during the later part of the day and also they swell a little while running so always go for buying running shoes later in the day. It will ensure a good fit.

7)    Don’t ever buy running shoes just because your friend has recommended them as a different person have different feet size and shape and also completely different running style so what fit perfectly for your friend may not fits you.

8)    Take along whatever you wear with your running shoes like socks or orthotics.

9)    Get your feet measured every time you go shopping for running shoes as the size and shape of your feet are not fix it changes over time.

10)    Most shoes are only good up to 300 to 500 miles or near about six months.  So change them accordingly as worn out shoes may result in injuries.

How your running shoes should feel when you wear them?

Starting with the heels it should fit comfortably neither too tight nor too loose and you should be able to easily slide your feet out. There should be enough space so that when you wear the shoes it feels comfortable and you can easily move your toes around and also the front area of the shoes does not rub with your toes.

There should also be sufficient width so that your foot fits completely and you are able to move your foot side to side. If it feels tight or you feel some pressure on your foot try a different brand as the size differs from brands to brands and the same size of shoes of different brands may have completely different fit.

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