3 Signs It’s Time To Buy New Sports Shoes

sports shoesAs an athlete, you are sure of your comfort and getting yourself a comfortable shoes is as important as winning a battle in the battle-ground. Your feet must be happy and secure every time you walk or run and not just at the times of performance. However, your worn out shoes may give discomfort to your feet and may even damage them. Here are 5 signs when you will know it’s time to change your running shoes.

When the Traction is Lost

Just like tyres in the car or bike, outsole of the shoes provides traction while walking or running on the rugged or stony pathways. It prevents your feet from slipping down. When you feel that the bottom outsole is wearing away and it does not provide traction any more, it’s the time you need a new running shoes for yourself.

However, some people like to do the ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) Stuff on such shoes by putting the duct tape on the sole or scrapping it with a fork to increase the traction of the shoes. However, these hacks work temporarily. Runners are especially advised not to perform such tricks on your shoes and give your feet a risk. Buy yourself the best and comfortable sports shoes.

When Shock Absorption is Gone

Shock absorption is one of the imperative qualities of a shoes. While running, you might have felt the jolt coming to your feet as your feet hit the ground. This is highly impactful and if not controlled, it may affect your joints and a severe injury can be caused. The sports shoes absorb such shocks and prevents the wearing away of the joints.

The springy effect, that is felt at the midsole, can tell you whether the shock absorption property of the shoes is getting compromised or not. Examine your shoes carefully at the level of the surface. It should be straight and even. If you find lopsidness on the surface, you can easily understand that the midsole is losing its ability to absorb the shock. Leave the shoes right away and buy a new pair of shoes from the various range of sports shoes in India.

Mileage is Compromised

Time frame is very important for a runner. Of course, it does depend on your shoes how well it supports your feet to comfortable them in every aspect. Mileage can be compromised due to any kind of defect in your shoes. Even if you do not find any defect in the shoes, the poor-quality of the shoes could be the reason why you are not been able to give yourself a good mileafe.
Various branded shoes like Columbus Sports Shoes are up with exclusive technologies to help athletes providing the mileage.
Compromising with the mileage is like compromising with your sports and performance. Time is to change your shoes.
These 3 signs can individually or together become the reason why you need to buy new shoes. Check your shoes carefully from upside-down. Sometimes, you will find these signs even in newly purchased shoes. Be careful. Even if it’s your new shoes, change them right away.

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