Why To Wear Running Shoes For Running Purpose Only

clbrunningRunners’ feet are active in both the phases of the running phenomena – when tumping on the ground as well as when pushing off from the ground. Absorbing the shock of impact upon landing and then balancing the movement by pushing off the ground is natural. A stiff foot may face issues while completing the second phase of the cycle as the forces generated by running is highly stressful and may cause tibial stress fracture. On the other hand. On the other hand, if your foot is unable to balance the landing movement, runner’s knee can develop as a result.

No wonder, runners often face injuries related to their feet. You might be able to adjust with the sore quad or tight hamstring but compromising with foot-ache is next to impossible.

How To Prevent These?

Wearing the right type of shoes! Buy whether sneakers, sneaks, tennis shoes or the running shoes – what all must matter is their function that they are developed to perform.

Certainly, there are best running shoes for men as well as women in the market manufactured, like Columbus Sports Shoes, especially for the running purpose. Developed specifically for the forward movement in mind, the running shoes in India are quality-specific too.

Sports shoes are meant to protect the feet of the athletes. However, Running shoes and sports shoes have vice-versa uses. Sports can be used for running while best running shoes can be put on to play sports if desired. Although these look not-so-different from each other still, they are designed for particular jobs in order to make them last longer.

Work-out shoes must be purchased and used for work-outs only and likewise, running shoes must be purchased whilst running only. However, lightweight running shoes can be considered for walking purpose as there is a small difference between the process of walking and running.

Wearing Running Shoes while Running Can Help in following ways

  1. Prevent the Injuries – Shoes for running purpose is developed specifically with the respective technology. Imagine you are wearing track-suit in a party or you are playing tennis on the dining table. Aren’t these mis-matched scenarios? So, why to wear running shoes while walking or playing foot-ball?
    Running shoes are best only for running purpose as it can help your feet land and push off the ground in all comfortable way without twisting or being stiff to the feet.
  2. Gets the Mind Ready – As you wear a party gown your mind know where you are going and how you have to behave. Likewise, as you put on the running shoes, your mind becomes aware of its tasks that it has to perform while running and you run stress-free.
  3. Long Term Saving – Running shoe mileage is fixed. Whether you run for 100 km on the road, walk through the jogging park or on a treadmill – if your running shoes are developed to give a mileage of 100 km then it can move no further than the defined mileage. Hence, best is to use the running shoes only when running and not walking or trekking.

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