10 Reasons An Athlete Must Wear Comfortable Shoes And Not Just Good Shoes

For an athlete, nothing more than keeping his feet is important. Style or desire are some of the words they have eliminated out of the dictionary. Comfortable sports shoes are what their feet require. Not to mention, whether cheap sports shoes or the expensive ones, on-field or off the field, they are bound to wear what suits best to their feet and not the ones that are way too stylish and looks good on their getup.

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Here are 10 reasons why an athlete are bound to wear the shoes that comfortable and not just some dazzling and stunning shoes –

1.Feet Shape – Comfortable and classic shoes will always support your feet giving and maintaining the good shape. Contrary to this, shoes that are completely packed at the tip may result in the deformation. Not overnight but yes, long-time use of uncomfortable shoes will leave your toes squished together.

2.Health Concern – It’s not only about the toe deformity but also about the thickening of the tissue around the toes. Wearing the wrong shoes may affect the nerves around your toe leading to a medical condition termed Morton’s Neuroma. Once trapped with this issue, nothing but surgery remains your only option.

3.Walking and Running Posture – Shoes define the posture of walking and running of a person or an athlete. Unsuitable, and unfitted shoes will change the way you walk and run. If the same continues to happen for a long time, you must be afraid, you may have to compromise with your way of walking and running which will not turn out to be in favour of an athlete.

4.Long-lasting Pain – Continuous use of the wrong-sized sports shoes or sports shoes with less comfortable cushions will hurt your feet and the surrounding area which may last for long.

5.Tired Feet All the Time – Indian sports shoes, no matter how lovely and appealing they look, if not purchased according to the size of an athlete’s feet, s(he) will always feel tired while running or walking wearing the shoes. And adding to the disaster, the feet may require some extra remember after the activity to come back to the normal state.

6.Effects on Ankles and Knees – Walking and running are not merely the jobs of feet but, ankles and knees equally participate to push the body forward. Hence, uncomfortable running shoes may damage your ankles and knees as they take extra pressure on themselves.

7.Effect on Spine – The spine is connected with the hip bone which moves when the body moves. This includes walking and running activities as well. In case the activities or walking and running are not carried out in a proper way, the nerves, muscles, and bones at the hip bone and thus, the spine may get damaged.

8.Skin Disease – Tightly fitted running shoes may cause sweating in the feet all the time and the condition is known as Hyperhidrosis. Too much of sweat deposition may result in skin disease which is a curse for an athlete.

9. Stinky Feet – Continuous sweating will leave the feet with bad odour. If the process continues for over a week or so, the feet may get caught up with the bad odour all the time.

10. Corns on your Feet – The disease is very common in India for common people because of wearing uncomfortable, rough shoes or slippers. The condition is also a result of walking bare-footed on the rough surface. There are various brands of Shoes in India like Columbus Shoes that are well-cushioned and comfy by nature. You can look after the Columbus Shoes online for best running shoes for men or women or any other range of sports shoes.

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