All You Need To Know About Three Types Of Running Shoes

02 DecGone are the days when athletes had to compromise with the shoes due to narrow range of shoes available in primitive time. Today is the time when runners can choose exactly the type of running shoes in India according to their feet type. Essentially, you can find three types of running shoes in the market designed particularly for running – to be more precised – running activity done by different types of feet.

Highly recommended for the sports persons, running shoes for men or women help them prevent the injuries. Hence, you must buy the right running shoes for your feet that exactly fit your feet type and to do this, you are required to know your feet type.

Here are the three types of sport shoes design according to three types of feet –

Motion Control Shoes

Best for the runners with over pronator foot type. Over pronators happened to put extra stress and tightness to the muscles. This may cause worn out of the shoes easily. For this purpose, Motion Control shoes is inculcated with the dual density midsoles, roll bars and foot bridges that help accentuate the inside support. By virtue of this the rate of over pronation is slowed down.

Stability Shoes

It’s the right shoe type for neutral pronators. People with normal or medium arched feet are the neutral pronators. When foot thumps the ground, the pressure is more at the middle-outside of the heel. Stability shoes are straight or semi-curved finishing. These are firm with multiple density soles and pronation limiting external features.

Cushioned Running Shoes

Designed particularly for the runners with high arched feet, condition is called underpronation- the cushioned running shoes absorb the shock that is produced due to lack of rotation in the joints. This type of shoes offers flexibility on the medial side of the shoe.

Discussed above are the three types of runners’ feet and their respective shoes types. These shoes are now available throughout the different brands. You can buy them from the physical showrooms or at Columbus Shoes Online or similar online stops.

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